Hemp Springs Farm is a small, family owned, 57 Acre farm nestled in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee in the beautiful historic community of Beechgrove.


For generations the spring water in these hills has been what makes Tennessee whiskey so special. That same spring water flows freely through the limestone rocks in Beechgrove nourishing our Hemp that is the foundation for our wonderful hemp flower and CBD products.


Using only organic farming practices, Hemp Springs Farm carefully nurtures every plant by hand to grow a premium pesticide free product. We only grow a limited amount of Hemp every year to insure a "Farm to table" quality product that you and your family can trust.


Large scale corporate farming practices are only concerned

with the bottom line, sometimes at the expense of your

health. We personally use our own products and only accept the purest organic Hemp as the foundation for all of our CBD products.


Here at Hemp Springs Farm we grow a limited variety of Hemp focusing on oil and terpene content. We will only offer Hemp products that have been carefully crafted from our own hemp fields, insuring our personal level of quality. We will never offer products commercially grown from out of state operations to fill our orders. That being said, from time to time we may be temporarily out of certain products until harvest comes around. But rest assured the products that you wait for will be the finest quality.


Thank you for choosing Hemp Springs Farm! We look forward to serving your Hemp flower and CBD needs.